Mama Mentors

Empowering mothers and mothers-to-be, by creating meaningful connections.

More than seven million women in the U.S. and 50 million couples worldwide suffer from infertility. And yet, less than half of them seek guidance. These numbers reflect only one of the many challenges around motherhood.

To help address this issue, Mama Mentors approached Kollettiv with the idea of creating a digital platform that would support those woman in need. This required identifying unmet needs and drivers and determining the interactions that would have the most impact on them.

Using empathy as a tool for creating safe, 1-on-1 relationships

We started with a series of workshops, interviews and co-creation sessions with mothers, mothers-to-be, psychologists, and Mentors from NGOs, to have a better understanding of the hurdles encountered in the process of seeking for advice.

We learned that the platform had to be safe and private, a 1-to-1 experience where users can talk openly about their challenges without being bullied since the main concern of publicly talking about these points is the lack of empathy and understanding of the general public when dealing with such sensitive subjects.

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